A Bible Land Tour Testimony

This article was originally posted in our Word @ Work Magazine in September 2016.

Patricia Chow
on 4-14Apr 2016, Israel tour (led by Rev Peter Poon)

The Israel trip in April was a wonderful trip, full of insights and wonder.  It is really true that the Bible comes alive after one return from Israel – when I listen to the sermons and hear familiar names and places, the sight and memory of what was seen comes flooding back.

In Jerusalem, the pain and suffering that Jesus undertook for us – that really hit me. As we stood under the hot sun that day, and as our Messianic Jewish guide pointed out the distances and the path that Jesus took with the heavy cross,   the love of God for us overwhelmed me.

The sharing by the 3 Bible Society representatives in Israel revealed the deep conflict in the land and more than ever, it has impressed upon on me to pray for Israel and for all who live there. Mission trips from Singapore seem so safe. In Israel, missions take on a whole different meaning, fraught with tension and danger, and one marvels at the boldness and courage of those labouring in God’s love.

This trip has really inspired me to return to Israel again, and to know the Bible even better. It has also inspired me to spend time to read the Bible daily with my mother, who is a new Christian.

I had some concerns about going on a guided tour, however the local guide (Joan) and the spiritual director (Rev Peter Poon) were fantastic. Rev Poon has a knack for asking us reflective questions and the morning devotion sessions were something I look forward to every morning.  The tour group was wonderful and even though we were strangers, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, looking out for one another during the trip.

I have been deeply blessed by going on this trip. Don’t hesitate, visit the Holy Land if you have not been.   As you take in the Sites, Sights and Significance, you will connect the dots and get to know the Bible from your heart, and not just in your head.