Daily Devotions for Lent 2024 | 2024年大斋节期灵修思语

Lent is a season to ready our minds and hearts to remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a period for quiet prayer and reflection that brings renewed faith and hope.

We focus on Christ during Lent, which guides us into a more profound and closer communion with God.

2024 marks the 19th year that the National Council of Churches of Singapore has commissioned The Bible Society of Singapore to produce this annual devotional for Lent.

The theme for the Lent Devotion 2024 is Ever Changing World, Never Changing Word. It is our hope that with prayerful reflection, this devotional will draw you into deeper intimacies with Christ as you abide in His Word.






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更正: 由于我方排版和校对疏忽,纸质版《2024年大斋节期灵修思语》第61页对圣公会善牧堂牧正黄遨游法政牧师的称谓出现错误。对因此给他带来的困扰,我们深表歉意!特此声明黄遨游法政牧师并不是新加坡神学院退休牧师。