Soccer for Bibles 2016

Soccer for Bibles 2016 was jointly organised by Sports Coalition Singapore and The Bible Society of Singapore. Funds raised from this event went towards Bible Mission work in India. We would also like to thank The Ark@Thomson for their partnership in this event.

Soccer for Bibles 2016
Raising Funds for the Bible Needs of India!

Soccer for Bibles 2016 was held on 21 May 2016 at the Ark@Thomson. The friendly competition was comprised of thirteen teams from various churches and organisations, including Teen Challenge, Church of Singapore (Marine Parade), Cornerstone Community Church, Wesley Methodist Church and many others. We were grateful for the support of more than 100 players from all walks of life, and the sunny weather that we enjoyed for the morning.

After a series of group stage matches, four teams – Noel Football Club, Team CrossRoad, COS Team A & B – qualified for the semi-finals. The final was a gruelling match between Team CrossRoad and COS Team B, with COS Team B emerging as champions with a 4–2 victory.

2016 Champions: COS Team B (Church of Singapore)

2016 Runners-Up: Team CrossRoad

About Our Beneficiary – India

India has a population of more than one billion people, with Christians constituting just 5% of the population. While a number of Scripture resources have been developed and published in English and a few other ethnic dialects, there is still a great need to translate, publish and distribute these Scripture resources in many more languages. Many poorer believers do not own a personal bible. Proceeds and donations from Soccer for Bibles 2016 will go towards the Bible Mission efforts in India.

The managers from the different teams played a friendly exhibition match to start off the competition.

The two winning teams: champions COS Team B (in blue and orange) and runners-up Team CrossRoad (in red).