Sketches of Leadership

Does this sound familiar?

You would like to begin the next leadership team meeting with a short Bible study that addresses timely issues. You wish you had prepared sooner.

Your small group Bible study is out of ideas. Watching videos is not really Bible study, but no one feels they are a Bible scholar enough to prepare from scratch.

Your ministry is growing, but you simply don't have enough leaders. You need constantly to be preparing new leaders and challenging existing leaders to grow as well.

Your ministry organisation is beginning a change initiative, and you would like to open Scripture, seeking God's guidance to help your senior leaders prepare and plan for the rollout.

Each Sketch is organised around the following patterns:

  • Discussion-based Biblical study
  • Brief summary in lecture format
  • Small group discussion using case studies, personal inventories, interactive exercises or reflection questions


These Sketches are built to take 45 to 60 minutes for a small group experience but could be done well one-on-one in 30 minutes. Individuals eager to grow can also use Sketches of Leadership in their individual Bible study. From here you can learn how to use the Sketches or visit the Library and see the breadth of available Sketches. Or read on to learn more about how Sketches can up your game, whether as an emerging leader or an experienced trainer.


Richard Lamb
Richard has served over 35 years as a Bible teacher, trainer and ministry development leader with a track record of seeing extraordinary ministry growth and strategic organisational and leadership development. He holds Undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Economics, and an MA in Organisational Development and Leadership.

Sketches of Leadership

DATE: Tuesday, 27 February 2024
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