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Discover more about what BSS is doing locally and around the world, and see how it partners with different organisations to bring the Word of God to the people.

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The Bible Society has produced many videos to work alongside our various ministries.

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This resource is currently only available for our Friends of the Bible Members.

Children Ministry Resources

National Children and Youth Survey

A nationwide survey of children and youth was conducted from 2014 – 2015 to understand the current state of ministry to Singapore’s children and youth.

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Children’s Resource & Equipping Fair 2015

We want to help you disciple your children for Christ and have compiled many useful resources for you to use.

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SticKEY Faith Conference 2015

The SticKEY Faith Conference offered a number of insights into nurturing lasting faith in the next generation. Resources available include a Faith Journey survey, Rethinking Discipleship presentationHere2Stay 10 Pillars, and Here2Stay Take-Home cards.

Sower Publishing Centre Resources

Outreach Resources

We produce Scripture resources that reach out to pre-believers.

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Adorable drawings depicting the relationship between the Shepherd and his Sheep.

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Lent Devotional

These daily readings for the Lenten season will help us prepare for Easter and connect with the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Other Resources

Bible Resource Centre

The BRC offers a variety of different English Bible versions, foreign language Bibles, children’s books and gifts, small group curricula, Holy Land gifts, and many other Christian books (from both local and international authors).


We are constantly developing new resources to engage people with the Word of God. These are the titles now available as eBooks to appeal to the new generation of readers.