Missions Network Meeting: Myanmar

Myanmar has a population of 52 million with only 4-5% Christian. It is one of the poorest nations in the region. Many are still in need of Bibles after more than five decades of military ruling.

The Missions Network Meeting - Myanmar was held on Friday, 1 April 2016 and was attended by 38 participants from various churches. The General Secretary of The Bible Society of Myanmar (BSMy), Rev Khoi Lam Thang, started with a presentation on the history of BSMy, the socio-political situation, the demographics, and the various works of BSMy. He also shared on the past mission trips to Myanmar. We heard about the sentiment in Myanmar due the changes in the political atmosphere and how these changes present opportunities for the churches. We were encouraged to partner with BSMy to explore the many opportunities to bless the people of Myanmar!

After the presentation, participants had the opportunity to share about their own mission experiences in Myanmar. Our own staff also shared about his experience of being used by God to answer a long awaited (25 years!) prayer for Bibles by one orphanage. One sister, who has many years of business links with Myanmar, shared about the pitfalls of going into missions without proper guidance. Thereafter, participants formed groups to network and to pray for Myanmar.