Pray for the Prisoners in South Africa


Excerpt from the Bible Society of Australia

Can you imagine enduring years without receiving a hug from a loved one? This is life for the prisoners housed in South Africa’s 243 prisons. Prisoners like Jeffrey, who was serving time for a double homicide and surrounded by dangerous street gang members fuelled by drugs and alcohol and racked with rage and hatred, appeared to have little hope that their circumstances would ever improve.

Then one day, a group of volunteers explained to Jeffrey how God might pardon our sins. In his cell alone that night, Jeffrey experienced a powerful conviction that led him to commit his life to God.

Challenges in the Bible Mission Field 

The country has high crime rates because 40% of South Africans live below the poverty line and have a high unemployment rate. The number of convicts in South Africa is among the highest in the world.

Bible ministry is having a life-changing impact on the lives of prisoners. However, the issues that put a person on a pathway towards prison often start at a young age. That’s why the Bible Society of South Africa decided to provide Bible-based literacy materials in disadvantaged areas for children, assisting them with additional literacy training and introducing them to the Bible.


Impact on God’s People

“I am only comforted by the word of God,” Charles Sadiki—a former prisoner and now a pastor—explained. He is grateful for the conversion experience from the prison ministry and The Bible Society of South Africa, working with volunteers and other ministry partners. In a participative and private setting, inmates study the Bible, relate their painful experiences, and come to understand God’s unfailing love.

Hence, The Bible Society of Singapore strives to work closely with our sister Bible Societies across the globe to help marginalised people and vulnerable children by sharing the love of Christ and His life-changing Word.

There is Still Much Work to be Done

We thank God for His grace that sees His people through all circumstances. Your partnership and support in the Bible Mission enable us to be a channel of blessing to those around us so that the Word of Hope will uplift many more lives.