Living & Working at God’s Pace in a High-Pressure World

Time is at a premium today! Statistics show Singapore is one of the three busiest countries in the world. This has damaging effects on people's physical health, psychological well-being, family relationships, spiritual depth, and length of life, as well as on creativity and productivity in the workplace.

This one-day interactive workshop is for those seeking greater harmony, effectiveness and integration in their daily life at work and home. Sessions will focus on:

  • identifying the causes of increasing pressure in our world today
  • discerning biblical guidelines for properly appreciating and utilising time
  • clarifying basic priorities and commitments in work and family life
  • developing personal strategies towards a more balanced and fruitful life

The workshop will include presentations, small groups, case studies, personal reflection and plenary discussion.

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017
Time: 9am-4pm
Venue: 7 Armenian Street, Bible House, Level 4, Morrison-Liang Seminar Rooms, S179932
Fee: $50
Speaker: Dr Robert Banks

About the Speaker
Dr Robert Banks is an Australian biblical and practical theologian with teaching experience in universities and theological colleges in Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to consulting with people in business, the professions, and media, he has written several books on the connection between faith and work —God the Worker, Faith Goes to Work and a Bible discussion guide on Going to Work with God.