Grow What Matters

Drawing from latest research as well as theology, psychology, spiritual formation, and leadership theories, the programme will give you thorough grounding in the theory and practice of mentoring the next generation.

You will be encouraged to draw out wisdom and insight from your personal story, learn to reflect theologically and meaningfully upon it and apply to a range of situations that young people face today, such as identity formation and self concept, self leadership and moral courage, digital world and its influence, and mental health with a focus on anxiety from merit- and performance-based striving.

Who Should Attend

  • Those ready to do the hard work of reflecting on their own story - self leadership of the mentor.
  • Those ready to listen, ask questions and come alongside young people to help them live their best possible story - leading others through the process of deep reflection and application of their faith.
  • Those willing to patiently help young people work through the dilemmas in life, work and family as well as the challenge of integrating faith and work.

Topics Covered

  • Biblical basis for mentoring
  • Nature of spiritual formation and how people grow and change
  • Current definitions of coaching and mentoring
  • Practical tools and frameworks for coaching and mentoring
  • Reflection upon our own story and self awareness
  • Understanding the stages of your own life and leadership journey
  • Leaving the legacy of your story
  • Coaching - the art of asking good questions
  • The way of wisdom and discernment
  • Understanding the millennial generation and generation z
  • Emotional intelligence and coaching
  • Personality theory and how people learn
  • Mentoring someone with anxiety
  • Mentoring someone with perfectionist tendencies
  • Mentoring in a digital world



Dr Asia Williamson

Asia, a half-Polish, half-German scholar, studied theology at Sheffield University in the UK after working for the Polish Government. A Harvard Kennedy School graduate, she directs the MA programme in Public Service Leadership in the UK.

As Co-founder of One Rock International in 2005, Asia focuses on spiritual formation and leadership training, as well as serves as a lecturer, author, and Leadership Development Catalyst for the Lausanne Movement. She's also the CWR Asia Director, leading a Singaporean non-profit founded by Selwyn Hugh, author of Everyday With Jesus.

Grow What Matters

DATE: Friday, 22 March 2024
TIME: 7pm–10pm

DATE: Saturday, 23 March 2024
TIME: 9am–3pm

VENUE: Bible House (Level R), 7 Armenian Street, S179932
FEE: S$140

For enquiries, please contact Sam Leow at 6304 3782 or email

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