Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

What is the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies about?
Students will be grounded in formative teaching and learn skill development essential for rigorous training in Biblical studies. Asian Pastoral Institute or API’s credit-bearing Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies (GCBS) may also be stacked and upgraded. Graduands will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Diploma, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or Master of Divinity.

Who is this Course for?
Open to all who:
• Are committed to growing in Christian discipleship with faithful living
• Aspire to take on leadership roles in churches and the marketplace
• Are equipping themselves for full-time service

Course Duration?

GCBS is a 24-credit programme taught over 6 months (full-time) or 1.5 years (part-time). Students have to complete 6 modules (4 credits each). Classes are conducted once a week for 11 weeks.

API quarters run from April, July, September and January. For example, for 2024/2025, the first module would run from 4 April 2024 (Term: 1 April 2024 – 8 June 2024; Briefing for module is scheduled for 19 March 2024).

What are the Learning Outcomes?
Students will be able to:
• Gain an overview of the Old Testament with additional learning of the Pentateuch and Historical Books, as well as the New Testament with additional learning of the Gospels, Acts, and Johannine Writings
• Develop competencies and proficiencies in teaching and learning through guided field practicum
• Learn how to research and write academic research papers
• Promote Christian growth and maturity in the individual and the church corporate in their proclamation of Christ

Who are the Trainers?
API’s unique offering is its trainers. All trainers are well-versed in integrating multiple disciplines with spirituality and theology to address complex and real-world issues and challenges in these post-liberal times.

What are The 6 Modules?

  1. BL5234
    Old Testament Introduction
  2. BL5264
    New Testament Introduction
  3. BL5244
    Old Testament Studies
    (Pentateuch and Historical Books)
  4. BL5274
    New Testament Studies
    (Gospel, Acts and Johannine Writings)
  5. HD5034
    Foundations for Teaching & Learning
  6. HD5024
    Research Writing

How Much Does It Cost?
Fee: $440*/module
*Exclusive of books and materials, registration fees ($25), library and technology fees.

Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies July

DATE: Saturday, 13 July 2024
TIME: 10.00am

FEE: $440/Module

(Registration closes on 10 July 2024)

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