The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is a fast-moving account about a Man who should not be ignored: Jesus of Nazareth. Tradition says that Mark preserves the recollections of St Peter about Him. Yet, Mark is the simplest and shortest of the four Canonical Gospels. Some even believe that it is the earliest. Hence, this Gospel may give us the closest narrative of the Man, who is worshipped by more than two billion people today. Beginning in the Jordan, His impact was felt in Galilee and later in Jerusalem, before going worldwide. This is the Gospel that should not be ignored.


Rev Dr Malcolm TH Tan
The Rev Dr Malcolm TH Tan has served as a Methodist Pastor for almost 40 years before retiring in Dec 2023. As a pastor, he was committed to teaching the Bible, a passion he continues to hold today.

The Gospel Series: The Gospel of Mark - The Gospel You Cannot Ignore

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