Feature Article: Staying Strong with Our Brethren in Hardship

The country of Myanmar has been in turmoil since the military ousted the civilian government in a 1 February 2021 coup, triggering massive suffering to its people. Furthermore, the country is experiencing waves of COVID-19, which spread like wildfire coupled with a collapsing health sector. Many hospitals are ill-equipped to cope with a surging caseload after many medical staff walked out in protest at the coup.

For months, the people of Myanmar have been facing difficulties in getting basic medical supplies, oxygen cylinders, and humanitarian needs such as rice, cooking oil, masks, and hand sanitisers. Due to the pressing need for support, this COVID-19 Emergency Fund is to help the Christian communities provide these basic humanitarian needs to the poor and needy in Myanmar.

The Bible Society of Singapore is partnering with various Christian groups in Myanmar, including the Myanmar Evangelical Church Alliance, Myanmar Council of Churches, and The Bible Society of Myanmar, to stand alongside the people in prayer, advocacy and solidarity.

With your partnership, we hope to reach the people in Myanmar in need of the Word and practical help. The funds are raised to support the Christian communities and the long-suffering people in Myanmar. From the bottom of our hearts, we earnestly appreciate your generosity.

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