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How often do you stop to consider to the origin of the idioms we use so often in daily life? A surprising number of phrases in the English language originate from the Word of God! Watch this space for a new phrase from Famous Phrases from the Bible every month as we include it in our monthly eNews!

Did You Know Thumbnail (360x250px)Sacrificial Lamb

Usage: An innocent or defenceless victim sacrificed although they had personally done nothing wrong.

Context: The Bible takes seriously the offence that sin causes to God. In the Old Testament animals were sacrificed to represent their owner dying in the owner's place so that the owner was 'put right' with God. In the New Testament Jesus is presented as a sacrificial victim who chooses to carry the sins of those who trust in Him and so enables them to be reconciled with God. 

Bible Reference: "he shall bring to the LORD as his compensation for the sin that he has committed, a female from the flock, a lamb or a goat, for a sin offering. And the priest shall make atonement for him for his sin." – Leviticus 5:6 (ESV)

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