Certificate in Transformational Urban Leadership (C-TUL)


In partnership with Asian Theological Seminary, offered under the Strategic Leader Development ATS Extension Programme (SLDC-AEP), the Certificate in Transformational Urban Leadership (C-TUL) is designed to give urban leaders the opportunity to complete a certificate programme that will enable them to make a difference in low-income communities.



With an emphasis on equipping for transformation, the programme combines community development-related skills centred around Biblical transformation. Students are exposed to the necessary theory components and will also be tested on those theories in an urban ministry context.

C-TUL will be offered to churches and NGOs alike for the benefit of their workers who are already in the ministry and have limitations to acquire formal seminary education degrees.


Course Information

This certificate programme comprises 10 modules (6 Core Modules, 4 Focus Electives Modules).

Each module runs for 16 hours and can be split into four 4-hour sessions or two 8-hour sessions. As this is a hands-on programme, lectures are kept to a minimum in favour of workshop activities.


Core Modules: (6 Total)

  • Rightly Handling the Word (Required by ATS)
  • Transformational Discipleship
  • Sustainable Spirituality
  • Poverty, Justice, and the Bible
  • Community Economics
  • Community Transformation


Focus Electives: (4 Total)

  • Urban Realities
  • Poverty, Justice, and the Bible
  • Transformational Discipleships
  • Advocacy and Service to the Marginalised


Who Should Attend

  • Community professionals (counsellors, therapists, social workers, support workers, medical professionals) who work with adults with a difficult childhoods (counsellors, therapists, social workers, support workers, medical professionals)
  • Educators and youth workers who wish to learn more about mitigating the impact of childhood trauma
  • Individuals with a personal or professional interest in trauma informed care
  • Anyone interested in understanding the intersection of childhood trauma and adult mental health for personal or professional development


Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 08.00pm
Start date: August 2024

Detailed programme will be presented on the briefing day

For enquiries, please contact Sam Leow at 6304 3782 or email sowerinstitute@biblesociety.sg

Co-Organised by:
Sower Institute For Biblical Discipleship and Asian Theological Seminary