Adult Christian Education 2

As the continuing education arm of the Asian Pastoral Institute, Adult Christian Education (ACE) offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to lifelong learning for believers. It is a structured modular education programme designed to build the capacity and capability of believers to be disciple-makers for Christ. ACE strives to equip believers with Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge (ASK) for faithful Christian living, as well as the ministry skills to meet present societal needs. ACE is for all Christians who aspire to be disciple-makers for Christ and, serve impactfully in their local churches and communities.

Module 2 Learning Objectives:
• To extract the essence of Spirit-filled living through the Beatitudes
• To reflect on our heart conditions and allow God to make changes to our lives
• To grow in blessedness and be a blessing to others


Mr Tay Sin Chuan

Mr Tay Sin Chuan is a retired army officer having served the nation for many years. He is currently working with a community service provider that serves the needs of the elderly. He holds a Master’s in Training and Development and an MA in Pastoral Studies. Sin Chuan is passionate about serving the community and is presently a youth mentor with a youth-centric charity organisation in Singapore.

Adult Christian Education - Module 2: Beatitudes and Spirituality

DATE: 6 July–7 Sept 2024 (10 weeks)
TIME: 10:00–11:00am
VENUE: Asian Pastoral Institute, 20 Aljunied Road, Singapore 389805

FEE: $110
The above module is a part of the Spirit-Filled Life series (total: 7 modules)

(Registration closes on 6 July 2024)

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Resist Heresy

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is a fast-moving account about a Man who should not be ignored: Jesus of Nazareth. Tradition says that Mark preserves the recollections of St Peter about Him. Yet, Mark is the simplest and shortest of the four Canonical Gospels. Some even believe that it is the earliest. Hence, this Gospel may give us the closest narrative of the Man, who is worshipped by more than two billion people today. Beginning in the Jordan, His impact was felt in Galilee and later in Jerusalem, before going worldwide. This is the Gospel that should not be ignored.


Rev Dr Malcolm TH Tan
The Rev Dr Malcolm TH Tan has served as a Methodist Pastor for almost 40 years before retiring in Dec 2023. As a pastor, he was committed to teaching the Bible, a passion he continues to hold today.

The Gospel Series: The Gospel of Mark - The Gospel You Cannot Ignore

SCHEDULE: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May 2024 held every Thursday at 7–9pm
VENUE: Bible House, 7 Armenian Street, S179932
FEE: $40

(Registration closes on 29 April 2024)

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Coaching and Mentoring – ILM Level 5 & 7

ILM Level 5 - Diploma & Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

This programme aims to equip participants with effective coaching and mentoring methods.
They will gain a better understanding of the differences between coaching and mentoring, and their significance in the development of individuals and organisations.

For more information about ILM Level 5, please visit:


ILM Level 7 - Diploma in Coaching Supervision

ILM Level 7 aims to equip professional coaches with the supervision skills and knowledge needed to carry out their roles as confident and competent coaching supervisors. This programme is ideal for those seeking to develop their expertise in internal or external supervision of strategic, leadership, business or management coaching within an organisation.

For more information about ILM Level 7, please visit:

24 April 2024, Wednesday
08.00 PM–09.00 PM (GMT+8)

*Special Discount is available when you register with us. Detailed programme pricing will be presented on the Open Day

Co-Organised by:
Sower Institute For Biblical Discipleship and Abilita


Yong Guang Teh, MD, MA, FInstLM | Programme Director & Principal Trainer
Yong Guang is an educator who is deeply passionate about helping leaders all around the world thrive. He currently holds senior leadership positions in academic, healthcare and non-profit organisations. Also, he has spearheaded international education initiatives for communities in Africa and Malaysia. In line with his passion, he is experienced in coaching and mentoring leaders to overcome significant adversity and attain personal growth.

Professionally, Yong Guang is a clinical radiologist who leads medical imaging teams at a busy children’s hospital that serves a diverse population of 1.2 million kids. He holds Master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership (York, NE, USA) and Counselling (both with distinction). He is qualified by the British and European Psychological Societies to administer psychometric instruments for learning and development. Yong Guang is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK).

Horng Yuan Saw, PhD | Registrar & Senior Trainer
Horng has served in more than 10 organisations in Malaysia, South Korea, and New Zealand for the past 20 years, which included universities, research institutes, faith-based and non-profit organisations, and community trusts. He has experience working with more than 20 leaders of different nationalities, engaged business stakeholders and partners, and provided leadership and training to people of different professions and age groups. He has delivered sessions and spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, China, New Zealand, and Australia.

Horng holds a PhD (Massey University, NZ), MEng and BEng (Universiti Malaysia Sabah), Diploma in Christian Ministries (Alphacrucis College), and a Dale Carnegie Training professional certificate.

Chosen – When God Calls Your Name

Chosen is a 4-session series on Mary, the mother of Jesus.

You have a mission in life, whether you fully understand what it is right now or not. God partners with human beings to accomplish His purposes. He chooses, He calls, and He leads. So what do you do when He has chosen you?

 Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a great example of how to respond when God calls your name. She offers life-changing lessons for any believer. And she may be the toughest person you’ve ever encountered.


Rev Dr Peter Poon
Rev Poon has been involved in Walk thru the Bible Ministry since 1988. Rev Poon has also served in four Presbyterian churches for over 30 years. He is passionate about teaching and training, as well as coaching and mentoring emerging leaders.

Chosen - When God Calls Your Name

DATE: Saturday, 27 April 2024
TIME: 9am–1pm
VENUE: Bible House, 7 Armenian Street, S179932
FEE: $20

(Registration closes on 24 April 2024)

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Dear Pastors and Ministry Coordinators,

Alliance of Indian Ministries (AIM) Singapore is inviting you to join us for the AIM Pastors fellowships gathering on 21st March 2024. We look forward to having you with us for a time of Fellowship and Dinner.

🗓️ Thursday 21st March 2024

⏰ 7.00pm - 10.00pm

📍Cornerstone Community Church (Tamil)
Katong Shopping Centre, #02-34
865 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 437844

*We have Rev Yang Tuck Yung, Chairman APCCS and Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church to bring the word. Pls come and encourage your leadership team to join us too.

Ps Joel Jerome - 9238 8020

Please register here by 10th March (Sunday) so that we can prep 🥘.

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