WISE Programmes


Word Intake for Spiritual Edification (WISE) is a Bible listening programme developed by The Bible Society of Singapore (BSS) to encourage the hearing of God’s Word regularly.

WHY did WISE begin?  

Scholars tell us that most of what we read in the Bible now was once oral tradition that was passed down through the generations. When scores of people listened to the Word, their lives were impacted and radically transformed.

Today, people are increasingly busy, with heavy workload and multiple commitments. The average Christian may not be spending enough time with God, and reading His Word may not even be their first priority. There is also a rising need to cater to the growing ageing population, the visually impaired, and Third World countries. WISE seeks to meet the felt needs of people in these categories.

HOW does WISE work?

The WISE programme promotes the listening of Scriptures to individuals and cell groups. Churches that have undertaken WISE as a church project found two main benefits: it strengthened the lives of individual members and, it is a great tool for discipleship.

A key channel of Scripture engagement in WISE is the 40-day listening plans of the Old and New Testaments, which promotes Biblical literacy and emphasises the centrality of God’s Word in His people’s lives.

Ms Maliga Allaigan, a participant of our 40-day listening programme, shares her experience:

“By listening to the Audio Bible, I recall the verses that I had read before. It gives me courage and strength, and I would like to read more and grow. It also encourages me to learn more about God’s promises in His Word. The Word helps me to overcome problems. Now I am learning to humble myself and am willing to share God’s Word with others.”

Apart from listening plans, we also promote the usage of solar-powered audio players containing Scriptures in various languages and dialects. These devices are proven to be exceptionally beneficial for the blind, migrant workers, non-readers, or people living in Third World countries as it breaks the barriers of language, culture, literacy, age and sight. The audio player is a useful tool that one can consider purchasing as part of mission or ministry efforts to spread the Good News all around.

Be a part of the WISE Programme

Contact us today at wise@bible.org.sg or 6337 3222 to find out how you can use our WISE resources to engage in His Word!

Sponsor WISE in a village

Make a donation to sponsor a WISE Scripture listening programme at an average cost of S$200 per village in Asia in their local language:
     - 1 village s$200
     - __ villages x S$200
     - ______ (any amount)

Visit bibleresource.net/donateSEA to make a donation online. Cheques can be made payable to The Bible Society of Singapore.