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Journey through Turkey and experience what the early Christians went through! In this trip, engage with the civilisation and culture of the 7 Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Visit Cappadocia to see the dwellings of the early Christian church in natural rock formations. We believe you will be inspired as you see the history of the Early Church come alive!

10 - 19 Sep 2017

From S$2495*


Registration opens in Dec 2016


*Terms and conditions:

- Includes air ticket and land tour but excludes airport and fuel taxes

- Based on a tour group of 35 pax

- Based on off-peak season rates

- Subject to changes


Information about Spiritual Director


- Pergamum

- Thyatira

- Ephesus

- Basilica of St John

- House of Virgin Mary

- Smyrna




And many more!

- Sardis

- Philadelphia

- Laodicea

- Hagia Sophia

- Spice Bazaar

- Hippodrome of Constantinople

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