I visited Cameron Highlands in the recent years.  I was at a hair-salon.  The hairdresser shared with me how she come to know the Lord through the ministry of Dr Sng in the 1960s.

I have collected many of his books and writings to understand the Christian missions from the local, indigenous eyes in British Malaya/Independent Malaysia as well as Singapore since the early 1990s. I remember one of his books entitled “In His Good Time” has been quoted by other researchers many a time. I appreciate his fruitful, dedicated work. Please rest in peace.



Dr Bobby Sng was a man of God, a full time missionary who served God faithfully till the very end. He is with the Lord now! I remembered his works during my VCF days in NUS 30 years ago. Thank God for man like him.

I am proud of his life and legacy toward the Church history and Bible Ministry in and from Singapore. May God raise such great but humble God fearing leader in our generation.

I remember Dr Bobby Sng with fond memories of his signature smile, humble spirit, faithfulness to teaching the Word of God, always encouraging others especially those of us who are much younger than him in full-time Christian service and most gracious attitude. When he was the plenary speaker at a past Scripture Union East & West Asia Regional Conference held at The Mint Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia and there was a shortage of water and therefore air-conditioning was done to the minimum, toilet facilities were very inconvenient, there was not a word of complaint or sign of frustration/disgust from Dr Sng. He carried on preaching God’s Word just the same! That has left a great impact not only in me but also the conference participants. Thank God for such Christlike servant of God.

Gave me an excellent foundation…The hand signs are very useful…

Will come for Train the Trainers – useful for prisons ministry that I am involved in.

A good way to remember the books of the Bible

Learnt simple hand signals to help me in remembering the Books of the Bible