BSP has equipped me to apply Biblical knowledge and principles in my daily life. The course goes beyond just reading the bible; it enables you to understand the context of what you have read. Hence, the greatest reward I have is not head knowledge but to build up a solid biblical foundation in my own life, and continually to do so.

Rev Dr John Tay is also a great ‘encourager’. He wants the participants to truly dwell on the words of the Bible. The process is both edifying and refreshing.

Praise God! It’s my 3rd year in BSP already. I started in Dec 2013 as I was just curious about the programme. But then, I was hooked on every session and so I continued attending BSP till now. What I love about the programme is that we are not spoon-fed by Dr John. He encourages us to self-study of the Bible and do our weekly ‘homework’. During the class, he teaches practical applications of the scripture for our day-to-day living. The class is very interactive as everyone can share their thoughts and opinions as well.

We have been blessed richly by Rev Tay and his team thru this course!

I have learned how to apply the Word of God in my life.

Biblical Studies Programme is a useful instrument for my spiritual growth and doing ministry.

God’s Word is so precious, and learning about it at the BSP is low cost and so beneficial.