SowCare collaborates with the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) to shine as a living embodiment of Christ’s truth and love in action. In unity with The Sowers Ministry in Novena Church, Asretec, and Fusion Safety, safety training schools in Singapore, AGWO exemplified the truth of God’s faithfulness.

“Our spirituality is to reach out to the poor and most abandoned. We take the pleasure of sharing the joy by showing them our appreciation and recognition for their hard work in building our nation.”— Joseph Vincent, Chairman, The Sowers (Novena)

“The partnership aims to raise awareness on the challenges faced by migrant (guest) workers and promote their well-being. We hope this initiative will inspire others to follow suit and contribute towards building a more inclusive and caring community.” — Jonathan Wan, Director, Asretec

Interfaith initiatives such as the Harmony Tour and Iftar, where they engage and better understand Singapore’s
diverse communities, also bring together people of diverse beliefs, echoing the very essence of Christ's message of
love and unity.

Your support in befriending guest workers leaves a lasting impact. If you wish to volunteer for AGWO initiatives,
visit agwo.sg or find us on Facebook and Instagram @agwosg.


*This article is excerpted from the December 2023 issue of the Word@Work Newsletter.