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Your donation will support local and overseas projects such as Bible distribution to the poor, Bible-based trauma healing for the suffering, Bible translation work for minority ethnic groups.


As we enter a brand-new year, most of us are expectant—of a fresh start and the new opportunities that another year brings. But with much of the world in disarray, the people in the nations affected by war, natural calamities, political or economic uncertainty do not share the same excitement. They are, instead, plagued by misery and hopelessness.

In an effort to alleviate their suffering, the Bible Society aims to bring God’s Word and humanitarian assistance to the people of these nations. With our collective help, we can provide the destitute the opportunity of hope and a new life.

Li Yumei—an elderly farmer in China who relied on the same passed-down Bible for 50 years—was moved to tears upon receiving her new Bible during the Bible distribution drive in her hometown in Henan Province.

Indika Sampath, who struggled with drug addiction for nearly 30 years in Colombo, Sri Lanka, shared: “Today I am cured, thanks to the love of God and the divine help given by Him. I had many difficulties and pain in my life, but I have dedicated my life to Jesus and now am living a life full of freedom.”

Roeun Vorn, a 70-year-old vegetable farmer in Cambodia, whose home had collapsed due to a flood, said: “I am so grateful for the relief package in this time of hardship. We are grateful to Jesus who always meets our needs.”

Oleg, a battalion commander in the Ukrainian army, recounted: “When we were sent to the frontline, the soldiers’ morale started to drop. Losing hope, many turned to alcohol. So, what we did was read Psalms. Every morning, the whole battalion was listening to the Bible. We saw great changes in the soldiers and were able to go through many difficult situations. I am grateful to God and to the believers who supported us!”

We appeal to you to bring hope to the hopeless by supporting the Bible Mission with your donations and enabling us to continue upholding the destitute with the power of hope from the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13).










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